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A Closer Look at Bending Rubbers and Insertion Tubes

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Endoscopy is a crucial medical technique used to diagnose and treat various conditions by providing a clear view of the body. Two essential components in this process are bending rubbers and insertion tubes. 

Bending rubbers allow the endoscope to maneuver through tight and curved areas within the body. Insertion tubes enable the smooth movement of the endoscope, ensuring accurate diagnostics and efficient procedures. 

Proper maintenance and handling of these parts are essential to ensure the reliability and longevity of endoscopic equipment.

Bending Rubbers

Endoscope Bending rubber

Bending rubbers are a crucial component of flexible endoscopes, enabling the device to maneuver through tight and curved areas within the body. 

These rubbers are positioned at the distal end of the endoscope and provide the necessary flexibility for the scope to bend and navigate effectively during procedures. This flexibility is vital for reaching areas that require precise examination or surgical intervention.

Function and Importance

The primary function of bending rubbers is to ensure the smooth and controlled movement of the endoscope, which is essential for capturing clear images and performing accurate diagnostics. The ability of the bending rubber to maintain its flexibility and durability under repeated use and sterilization is critical for the reliability of the endoscope.

Material Composition

Bending rubbers are typically made from durable materials such as VITON®. This material is chosen for its excellent resistance to chemicals, heat, and wear, ensuring that the bending rubber can withstand the harsh conditions of medical environments and frequent use. 

VITON® also provides the necessary elasticity and strength, allowing the endoscope to perform its functions effectively without compromising patient safety.

Precautions for Bending Rubber

Proper handling of bending rubbers is essential to prevent damage and ensure the longevity of endoscopes. One common issue is the presence of bubbles during a leak test, which indicates damage to the rubber. This can be caused by improper handling, such as contact with sharp objects or over-pressurizing the scope during leak testing. To prevent these issues, avoid contact between the bending rubber and sharp surfaces, and do not stack endoscopes during transport or cleaning​​.

Store endoscopes in a way that minimizes stress on the bending rubber, such as hanging them vertically or laying them flat without sharp bends. Additionally, always use bite blocks to prevent patients from biting the bending section during procedures. Proper cleaning and sterilization practices are crucial, as harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures can degrade the rubber over time​.

Insertion Tubes

endoscope insertion tube

Insertion tubes are vital components of endoscopes, allowing the device to navigate through the body’s cavities. These tubes are designed to be flexible yet durable, enabling the endoscope to bend and move smoothly during medical procedures. They facilitate the passage of the endoscope, ensuring that doctors can reach and visualize the areas of interest without causing discomfort to the patient.

Material Composition and Performance

The material composition of insertion tubes is crucial for their performance. Typically, these tubes are made from a combination of polyurethane elastomer and polyester elastomer. The polyurethane elastomer provides flexibility and durability, allowing the tube to bend without breaking. 

The polyester elastomer adds strength and resilience, ensuring that the tube can withstand repeated use and sterilization. This combination ensures that the insertion tube remains functional and comfortable for the patient during procedures.

Configurations for Specific Applications

Insertion tubes come in various configurations, tailored to specific applications. For instance, different lengths and diameters are available to suit various types of endoscopes, such as gastroscopes, colonoscopes, and bronchoscopes. 

Each configuration is designed to meet the specific needs of the procedure, ensuring optimal performance and patient safety. High-quality insertion tubes contribute to better maneuverability and clearer imaging, which are essential for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Precautions for Insertion Tube

Proper handling of the insertion tube during insertion and removal is crucial to maintain its integrity. Careful handling prevents damage such as kinks, punctures, and tears. Always avoid excessive bending or twisting of the tube and ensure it is not coiled too tightly during storage​​.

Maintenance practices include thorough cleaning and proper sterilization. Use the correct cleaning agents and avoid harsh chemicals that can degrade the tube material. Ensure the tube is dried completely to prevent moisture damage. Regular inspections for signs of wear and damage are essential to catch issues early and extend the tube’s lifespan​​.

To ensure longevity and performance, store the endoscope in a way that avoids stress on the insertion tube. Hang it vertically if possible, and avoid stacking or placing heavy objects on top of it. Following these precautions will help maintain the tube’s functionality and ensure reliable performance during medical procedures​.

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endoscope components

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