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Endoscope Bending Rubber

The Principle of Curved Rubber Endoscopes

The Principle of Curved Rubber Endoscopes can be explained in simple terms by referring to the basic components. These components are the guide tube, flexible endoscope, and controls. The guide tube connects the endoscope to an electrical, water, or gas source, and

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Flexible endoscope accessories

Advantages of a Flexible Endoscope Knob Components

A flexible endoscope is designed to bend in any direction, allowing the endoscopist to manipulate its distal tip. Its bending section is made of several odd-shaped metal rings, which are joined by free-moving joints. These joints are built with pivot

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Endoscope Bending Section Assembled

The Advantages of a Bending Section Endoscope

Flexible shafts reduce the stability of the shaft during insertion and removal. This is because the proximal portion of the shaft becomes more flexible than the distal portion. This causes the shaft to buckle due to the pushing force used

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endoscope insertion tube

Maintenance of Flexible Endoscope Accessories

This article will address the maintenance of flexible endoscope accessories. We will discuss leak testing, cleaning endoscope valves, and precleaning/point-of-use treatment. Flexible endoscope accessories should be kept clean and dry. The proper use of these accessories is crucial for the success of

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Endoscope Light Guide Bundles

The Benefits of Lightguide Endoscopy

The advantages of Lightguide Endoscopy go far beyond reducing heat transmission. Other benefits include duct access, decreased bleeding, and lower risk of anterior proliferation during vitrectomy. Read on to learn more. This article highlights some of the benefits of Lightguide Endoscopy. This

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