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Endoscope Biopsy Channels

Endoscope Biopsy Channels Parameters Reference

OlympusBiopsy ChannelsCF-Q180Ai
Biopsy ChannelsCF-Q180AL
Biopsy ChannelsGIF-Q180
Biopsy ChannelsGIF-H180
Biopsy ChannelsCF-H260AL
Biopsy ChannelsGIF-HQ190
Biopsy ChannelsGIF-XQ260
Biopsy ChannelsBF
Biopsy ChannelsGIF
Biopsy ChannelsCF
Biopsy ChannelsBF-1T160
Biopsy ChannelsGIF-130
Biopsy ChannelsBF-P240
PentaxBiopsy ChannelsFB10V, FB10X, FHY10RBS, FHY10RP, FI9BS, FI10P, FNL10RAP, FNL13RAP, FUR9P, FUR9RBS
Biopsy ChannelsFCN15X, FB15P, FB15X, FB18RX, FCY15P2, FHY15RBS,  FNL15RP2, FNL15RP3
Biopsy ChannelsFB15BS
Biopsy ChannelsEB1530T2, ECN1530, ECY1530, EHT1530, EH1530T, EH1530T2, VNL1530T
Biopsy ChannelsEG2930Q, EG2940, FD29X, FG29V, FG29W
Biopsy ChannelsEC3430s, 40s, 30Ks, 40Ks, FC38Vs, FC38Ws
Biopsy ChannelsEC3830T, 40T, 30TK, 40TK,
Biopsy ChannelsEG2931
Biopsy ChannelsED341C, ED3430T, ED3440T, ED3485T, ED3430TK, ED3440TK, ED3470TK, ED3480TK, ED3490TK, FD34V2, FD34W
Biopsy ChannelsEG3630U, FG36UX
Biopsy ChannelsEG2470K, FG24X
Biopsy ChannelsED3230, ED3240, ED3230K, ED3240K, ED3270K, ED3280K
Biopsy ChannelsEG2930K, EG2931K, EG2940K
Biopsy ChannelsEG1840
Biopsy ChannelsEG271C, EG291C, EG290KP, EG2730K, EG2770K, EG2980K, EG2985K, EG3470ZK
Biopsy ChannelsEC3870s, EC3885s, EC381Cs, EC3870Ks, EC3885Ks, EC3890Ks
Biopsy ChannelsEG2970, EG2985, EG2970K
Biopsy ChannelsEG2790K, EG2790i, EG2990i
Biopsy ChannelsEC3890is, EC38-i10s

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5. WuYou Standard Registered 1

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