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Superior Quality Insertion Tube For Endoscopy

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Technology has played a big role in the advancement of the medical industry. Medical equipment can be used to diagnose and also to make drugs. It has made medical practitioners more accurate with their diagnosis and it has also shortened the time one can get treated. The world has changed and the way we eat, live, and play now is different from the past years. The changes in our lifestyles also bring about new medical challenges. Endoscopy is one of the medical procedures that has become popular among people with digestive issues. This is a non-surgical procedure that can give a detailed view of what is happening in our digestive tracts. The Guangzhou Smart Tech Technologies company specializes in making quality endoscopic equipment. An insertion tube for endoscopy is one of the accessories you can get at an affordable price.

Insertion tubes for endoscopy 

  • 381397-M model part – This is an endoscope insertion tube and it measures 10.15mm OD x 1030mm L. This means that the tube is long enough to do a deep dive into the digestive tract and give a comprehensive diagnosis. It can be used with the Olympus endoscope and it can be used on the GIFH180J, GIFHQ190, and GIFHQ290 models. It is flexible and can be easily maneuvered into the digestive tract.
  • 381396-M model part – This is also an insertion tube and it measures 11.45mm OD x 1601mm L. It can be used with the Olympus endoscope and it is compatible with the PCFH190L model. The tube is long and flexible to ensure that every part of the digestive tract can be reached.

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